Cub Scout Pack 107 Celebrates the Start of the Scouting Year

20190913_191034.jpgOn Friday September 13, 2019,  Pack 107 had their first pack meeting since the beginning of summer, and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces and to meet new ones. On the Saturday prior, Pack 107 hosted a Water Bottle Launching event  at Mill Villages Park. There,  our cub scouts met new scout friends and it was wonder to see those new friends join Pack 107.

20190917_064019.jpgThe pack meeting  opened with the Color Guard ceremony performed by our pack den leaders. Tabitha Lefrancois, our cub master, introduced our pack committee members to the new cub scouts and to all families, followed by an ice breaker moment where each den circled up for scout introductions and games.



The awards presentations followed with the newly adopted tradition of the neckerchief presentation for the cub scouts who missed advancement ceremony in June. Committee members who missed advancement ceremony  received  their service pins. Congratulations to John and Tiffany Bubriski on their one year pin, and to Cindy Fong on her two year pin.

20190913_193059.jpgCub scouts who went to scout summer camp at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation Camp were recognized and awards a summer camp badge.

20190913_193831.jpgCubscouts who earned hiking miles over the summer were recognized with awards as well.

20190913_201627.jpgDuring the summer, our pack attended the CMASS rocket launching event in Acton to commemorate the 50th year anniversary of the moon landing. There was an award given to the rocket that landed closed to the event moon flag. A big congratulations to our Tiger cub Tennyson for landing his rocket only 1 meter from the flag!

20190917_065159.jpgOur cubscsout learned about our popcorn selling season which is the main fundraising to fund our pack’s year activities, awards and operating costs. Cub scouts who sell $500 or more can earn a free overnight experience at The Mystic Aquarium! The top seller for this year’s pre- kick off is our AOL scout, Nick who sold over $800 in product already!

20190913_195659.jpgOur highest selling returning scout, Steven, had the honor of demonstrating the etiquette of popcorn sales. He also got to throw a cream pie into the face of our cub master, Tabitha. The winner for this popcorn selling season will have the honor to throw the pie next.

20190913_200803.jpgThe cub scouts enjoyed a stem session with a contest to see which den could come up with the tallest free standing structure using marshmallows and dry spaghetti. The honors go to the Webelos!

On Saturday 9/14/2019, our Arrow of Light scouts worked hard at their Norcross park clean up, as part of our pack’s commitment in adopting the park.

20190913_193923.jpgOn Sunday, our cub scouts went on a popcorn blitz where seasoned scout assisted and mentored new scouts on how to sell popcorn for our fundraising effort.