Cub Scout Pack 107 Water Bottle Launch Event


20190907_110548.jpg20190907_113006.jpg20190907_112426.jpg20190907_111817.jpg20190907_112755.jpg20190907_121039.jpg20190907_110203.jpg20190907_105852.jpg20190907_101648.jpg20190907_110527.jpg20190907_120146.jpgWhat a great day it turned out for the Cub Scout Pack 107 Water Rocket Launch Event today! The remnants of Hurricane Dorian came and went, leaving us with great weather! This was the first event of Pack 107’s scout calendar year, and it was wonderful to see so many familiar faces return, and to meet so many new faces from the Grafton community who came to participate this this event! Everyone had a blast designing their own 2L soda bottle rocket, and experimenting with different water to air ratio with each launch to see how they could improve their launch height. There were also fun game stations set up so everyone stayed busy during the whole event. Already, the scouts and their new friends were learning STEM without even knowing it, and having so much fun in the process! Thank you to all the leaders, volunteers, and participants for coming out to make this event a great success!

A special thanks goes out to our cub scout dad, Chris Nichols, who went above and beyond, to repair an unstable park bench at the Mill Villages Park. The is taking our cub scout community service commitment to a whole other level!!

If you are interested in joining Cub Scout PACK 107, and want to find out more about the fun events we have planned, please join us this coming Friday 9/13/2019, for our Pack Meeting and registration night, 6:30-8:00pm, at the Congregational Church of Grafton, 30 Grafton Common. We look forward to seeing you there!