Pack 107 Welcomes the New Year with a Fun-filled Pack Meeting.

Pack 107 welcomed the new year this past Friday, with a pack meeting filled with fun, laughter, celebration and rewards!!

The Wolf den leaders lead the cubscouts in some ticket counting for the Congregational Church before the meeting started.20190104_190333

The Tigers did a great job opening the pack meeting, performing the flag ceremony.20190104_190449
The pack had 3 cubscouts who received their Bobcat awards. Congratuations to Lucus, Raymond and Bella!!20190104_191336

Awards were given to scout who earned achievements in the last 1-2 months. The cubscouts celebrated their hard work in popcorn sales with the arrival of their prizes.20190104_192519

Our top 2 selling cubscouts, Ben and Steven, placed #2 and  #24, respectively, in the whole district so they are in the top 25, who have the VIP honor to go on the ice at the Scout’s Railer’s game on January 19, 2019.20190104_194523

The pack have the opportunity for a second overnight experience and the cubscouts got to vote on where to go. The choices were The Roger William Zoo,  Skyzone, and The Plimoth Plantation. As you may guess, the overwhelming vote went to Skyzone!!20190104_192159

Since the fundraising effort exceeded the set goal, and with 100% participation, the cubscouts were rewarded the opportunity to “silly string” their den leaders. We thank all the leaders for being so willing and fun-loving!!

One of our cubscouts meet the 2 challenges our cubmaster set for popcorn sales. If any cubscout sold over $3000 in product, that cubscout would get to shave his beard. If any cubscout family sold a combined total of over $4000, that cubscout family will get to shave his head.

We had one very motivated, hard working scout who met those challenges. Congratulations to our Arrow of Light scout, Ben!20190104_194415

He gave our cubmaster, Mr. Shawn Tidd, a very creative, and original hairstyle! Thank you, Mr. Shawn Tidd for having such a fun-loving, generous spirit to offer this rare opportunity, and for being such a great sport! You are one cubmaster that will be well-remembered!


We want to thank April Lane for doing such a fastic job keeping the pack and the cubscouts organized, motivated and on track during the popcorn sales season. As our Popcorn Colonel and District Popcorn Sales Coordinator, she had a huge job of  keeping track of sales, inventory, and tracking down who needed to get the popcorn to the rightful customer. She organized the popcorn prize ordering, and prize presentation to the cubscouts. In addition, the Lane Family so generous donated space in their home to store all the popcorn inventory  for the pack, during  the popcorn season. We are so grateful for all your hard work and dedication.

We look forward to a fun-filled year ahead with a movie night  and the Pinewood Derby Race next month, the Blue and Gold Banquet in March, and so much more.

If you, or anyone you know who, is interested in scouting  with Pack 107, please feel free to reach out to us!