Pack 107’s Pinewood Derby 2019


One of the most anticipated events in the scouting year arrived today…the Pinewood Derby, which took place at St. James Parish, in South Grafton. The cubscouts and their families worked hard over the past couple of months to design and build an unpowered, unmanned race car from a block pine wood. Today all their hard work came together for a full display of creativity, engineering, sportsmanship and camaraderie. This year, the Pinewood Derby took place the day after the 109th birthday of the Boy Scout of America. The pack took a moment to acknowledge this special day.

Before the Pinewood Derby got started, the Bear Den organized an entertaining and fun carnival for all the cubscouts to enjoy. The Bears did a great job creating clever and innovative games as part of their ” Grin and Bear It” adventure. The games were enjoyed by all, and the cubscsouts  were entertained until Derby time.


The Derby opened with “The Star Spangled Banner”, sung by all the cubscouts and joined in by their families. Reverend Dr. Barbara Therese  from the Congregational Church of Grafton, gave a beautiful invocation prayer. We thank you, Rev. Barbara Therese for coming to support the pack.



State Representative David Muradian,  stopped in  at the derby today to show his support to Pack 107, and to cheer on all the cubscouts. It was a very delightful surprise.  Thank you for your support as always, Mr. Muradian!

Many families brought in an array of snacks for the event and we thank you all for your generosity.

The cubscouts and their family enjoyed pizza for lunch after the scout races were completed. After lunch,  the Family Race took place, which included cars made by the pack committee leaders and cubscout siblings.

Awards for speed were awarded to the Pack’s top 3 winners .Congratulations to 1st place winner, Gabriel F, 2nd place winner, Colin S, and 3rd place winner, Austin T.  A special award  called ” Draggin’ In”, for the slowest speed, was awarded to Ben. S. Congratulations, Ben!

Winner of special categories awards will be presented at the Blue and Gold Ceremony on March 2, 2019. These categories include : Most Original Design, Most Patriotic, Most Likely Built by a Scout, Best Sports Theme, Best Scout Theme, and Best Paint Job.DSC_0579

Awards were also given to the top 3 winner of the Family Race. Congratulations to the 1st place winner, Christian F., 2nd place winner, Nick C., and 3rd place winner, Rob L.20190209_130104

A big thank you goes out to Mr. Chris Tedford, of Pack 106, for spending the day with us to help us  run the Pinewood Derby, and to Pack 106 for lending the track to us.20190209_115003

Lastly, a special thank you goes out to Mathew Often,  AOL Den leader of Den 5, who chaired this event for the past 2 years. Thank you, Mr. Often, for all the behind the scenes organization to make this memorable event such a great success!