Santa Visits Pack 107 at Their December Pack Meeting


Pack 107 had their December pack meeting yesterday evening, and it

was packed full of excitement and energy. The cubscouts and their families enjoyed a surprise visit from Santa Claus!

The meeting started with the Wolf Den performing the Color Guard Ceremony, followed by award presentations. The cubscouts enjoyed time meeting with Santa and receiving a special scout gift from him.

The pack participated in the Cogregational Church’s coat drive, collecting donations of gently used coats. As an annual tradition, the pack also held a new sock drive to be given to the local area homeless. To celebrate their drive, the pack enjoyed their annual sock fight of cubscouts vs. adults.

Our cubmaster, Mr. Shawn Tidd ended the meeting with a message about the scout law of a scout is helpful, and a scout is friendly. He shared a story about  how a homeless person in NYC survived a very cold night by helping another homeless person stay warm and awake, to survive  through the bitterly cold night. “When you warm another person’s heart, you remain warm yourself.”. ” When you seek to support, encourage, and inspire others, you discover support, encouragement, and inspiration in your own life.” In helping others to find their happiness, you become a happier person.

This is a wonder message to keep in our hearts and minds during this holiday season.

Warmest wishes to you and your family, and we hope you find peace, and good will during this holiday season.