Pack 107 Fishing Derby

Today, the Cub Scouts of Pack 107 had a fishing derby. Scouts competed for 2.5 hours to earn the titles of “most fish”, “biggest fish”, and “smallest fish”. The day started a little slow, but soon enough the fish started to nibble, and the competition was on!

Nearing the end of the derby time, we had two Scouts tied for first place for “most fish”. We went into a 25 minute overtime until another fish was caught!

Congratulations to Kai for winning “smallest fish”, measuring in at 4 inches.

Congratulations to Brody for winning “biggest fish”, measuring in at 9 inches.

Congratulations to Kaleb for winning “most fish”, with a catch count of 4.

Everyone tried their best and had a good time. In total, 12 fish were caught and released.

Thank you to everyone who came out to participate in this fun event!

Lion & Tigers Visit the Grafton Police Department

Today, the Lion and Tiger dens went to visit the Grafton Police Department. We learned about some of the things that police officers do for our community. The Scouts got a private tour of the station from Officer Benoit. We started in the lobby and worked our way past the offices to the break area and dispatch office. The Scouts were very curious and asked a lot of questions. We quietly walked into the dispatch office to see where all the calls come in and some of the monitoring systems that are used. Unfortunately, there was a bad guy in custody so we were unable to see the cell blocks first hand, but we were able to view live stream video of one of the empty ones in the dispatch office to see what the inside looks like. We then went out to the garage where Officer Benoit showed us what equipment he carries when he is on shift, as well as some of the other equipment police officers have in their cruisers- including bullet resistant vests, riot shields, battering rams, bullet resistant helmets, road spikes, and more!

After that we got to check out the police cruiser and see how the lights work. Each Scout got he opportunity to sit in the front seat for a photo op!

A very big THANK YOU to Officer Benoit and the Grafton Police Department for allowing us the opportunity to tour the station and see some of the gear and gadgets you get to work with. Thank you for all that you do to keep the Grafton community safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Pack Hike @ Quabbin Reservoir 3/16/19

Yesterday, the Cub Scouts and their families took a journey along the trails of the Quabbin Reservoir to find a long lost treasure in the woods. The Scouts braved the snowy and icy trails to see a sight that most people don’t even know about, or have only heard rumor of – the crash site of an F94 Starfire Jet.

Along the way is the line between the towns Hardwick and Petersham. We had the fun opportunity to stand on this dividing line and be in two towns at the same time!

Because the trails were covered in snow, we were able to see tracks of animals who live in the area. Using a Critters pocket guide, we were able to determine which animals had left the tracks crossing the trails. Along with some deer tracks, we were surprised to find that there were also moose tracks! These moose tracks measured about 6″ long!

After stopping for lunch, we continued our journey to find the crash site. Despite there being snow and ice on the ground, a decent amount of the wreckage is still visible. While admiring the site of the crash, Cubmaster Tabitha shared the history of how the plane ended up in the Quabbin Reservoir. You can read the history about this crash and other crashes within Quabbin Reservoir on the New England Aviation History website.

Here is what you would find under all the snow and ice (photos taken by Cubmaster Tabitha in June 2016 and May 2018):

Thank you to all the families that embarked on the 9 mile journey with us!

Pack 107 Trip to the Rock Gym

Tonight, the Cub Scouts of Pack 107 had a trip to the Central Rock Gym in Worcester. We started the night by listening to the rules and watching a demonstration of how to climb up and come back down safely. Once the Scouts learned the safety rules, they got geared up and ready to climb. Taking turns with certified belayers, the Scouts were off to the top! Hard work, determination, and a little bit of sweat was all it took. All the Scouts did their best and had fun doing it!

Thank you to the staff of the Central Rock Gym for a great evening of climbing!

Webelos Visit the Westborough Fire Station

This past weekend, on November 24th, the Webelos Scouts of Dens 6 & 7 took a field trip to the Westborough Fire Station. While visiting with a special guest- Firefighter Paramedic Jerry, the Webelos worked on their First Responder Adventure. They practiced CPR and various first aid techniques for scratches, burns, insect bites, nosebleeds, and frostbite. The Scouts learned what first aid to do in an emergency for serious bleeding, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, stroke, choking, and poisoning. The Webelos also created and practiced an emergency readiness plan. After all that work, they deserved a little play! The Scouts got to tour the Westborough Fire Department and look at the various vehicles that they have- trucks, boats, motorcycles, and ambulances! The Scouts had a great time!

A special THANK YOU to the Westborough Fire Station and Firefighter Paramedic Jerry for this fantastic learning opportunity!