Webelos Visit the Westborough Fire Station

This past weekend, on November 24th, the Webelos Scouts of Dens 6 & 7 took a field trip to the Westborough Fire Station. While visiting with a special guest- Firefighter Paramedic Jerry, the Webelos worked on their First Responder Adventure. They practiced CPR and various first aid techniques for scratches, burns, insect bites, nosebleeds, and frostbite. The Scouts learned what first aid to do in an emergency for serious bleeding, cardiac arrest, respiratory arrest, stroke, choking, and poisoning. The Webelos also created and practiced an emergency readiness plan. After all that work, they deserved a little play! The Scouts got to tour the Westborough Fire Department and look at the various vehicles that they have- trucks, boats, motorcycles, and ambulances! The Scouts had a great time!

A special THANK YOU to the Westborough Fire Station and Firefighter Paramedic Jerry for this fantastic learning opportunity!