Pack Hike @ Quabbin Reservoir 3/16/19

Yesterday, the Cub Scouts and their families took a journey along the trails of the Quabbin Reservoir to find a long lost treasure in the woods. The Scouts braved the snowy and icy trails to see a sight that most people don’t even know about, or have only heard rumor of – the crash site of an F94 Starfire Jet.

Along the way is the line between the towns Hardwick and Petersham. We had the fun opportunity to stand on this dividing line and be in two towns at the same time!

Because the trails were covered in snow, we were able to see tracks of animals who live in the area. Using a Critters pocket guide, we were able to determine which animals had left the tracks crossing the trails. Along with some deer tracks, we were surprised to find that there were also moose tracks! These moose tracks measured about 6″ long!

After stopping for lunch, we continued our journey to find the crash site. Despite there being snow and ice on the ground, a decent amount of the wreckage is still visible. While admiring the site of the crash, Cubmaster Tabitha shared the history of how the plane ended up in the Quabbin Reservoir. You can read the history about this crash and other crashes within Quabbin Reservoir on the New England Aviation History website.

Here is what you would find under all the snow and ice (photos taken by Cubmaster Tabitha in June 2016 and May 2018):

Thank you to all the families that embarked on the 9 mile journey with us!