Pack Hike @ Plummer’s Landing

This weekend, the Cub Scouts of Pack 107 took a 4 mile hike through the Blackstone Valley starting at Plummer’s Landing to close out our summer events.

We hiked along the canal to Goat Hill, and had the opportunity to see all kinds of wildlife including: a worm, a few frogs, a blue heron, 2 turtles, 3 snakes, a fish, butterflies, dragonflies, a couple bumblebees, and all kinds of plant life!

It was a great way to end summer vacation!

We look forward to the adventures planned for this new Scouting year.


Pack Hike @ Quabbin Reservoir 3/16/19

Yesterday, the Cub Scouts and their families took a journey along the trails of the Quabbin Reservoir to find a long lost treasure in the woods. The Scouts braved the snowy and icy trails to see a sight that most people don’t even know about, or have only heard rumor of – the crash site of an F94 Starfire Jet.

Along the way is the line between the towns Hardwick and Petersham. We had the fun opportunity to stand on this dividing line and be in two towns at the same time!

Because the trails were covered in snow, we were able to see tracks of animals who live in the area. Using a Critters pocket guide, we were able to determine which animals had left the tracks crossing the trails. Along with some deer tracks, we were surprised to find that there were also moose tracks! These moose tracks measured about 6″ long!

After stopping for lunch, we continued our journey to find the crash site. Despite there being snow and ice on the ground, a decent amount of the wreckage is still visible. While admiring the site of the crash, Cubmaster Tabitha shared the history of how the plane ended up in the Quabbin Reservoir. You can read the history about this crash and other crashes within Quabbin Reservoir on the New England Aviation History website.

Here is what you would find under all the snow and ice (photos taken by Cubmaster Tabitha in June 2016 and May 2018):

Thank you to all the families that embarked on the 9 mile journey with us!

Pack 107 Thanksgiving Holiday Hike and Geocachat Purgatory Chasm

20181125_13125320181125_143738Today, the cubscouts of Pack 107 and their families  took some time out of their Thanksgiving holiday to go on a pack hike, and embark on a geocaching adventure at Purgatory Chasm State Reservation.

Before starting the hike, the cubscouts recited The Outdoor Code, and the Leave No Trace Principles. The cubscouts wanted to leave the hiking trail better than how they found it, so they also set out to pick up any trash they saw along the way.

The weather warmed up for a comfortable fall hike, and the rain let up so we were able to stay dry.

The cubscouts worked in pairs  using the buddy system and, each team took turns to navigate and lead the group in finding the geocache.

After all the rain we had, the waterfall at Little Purgatory was roaring, and the group enjoyed a scenic snack break near by.

At the end of the hike, the cubscouts enjoyed some bonding time at the nearby playgroup before ending the afternoon with some hot cocoa, and smores by the fire!

Pack Hike @ Mount Monadnock

Today the Cub Scouts of Pack 107 took on our most challenging hike to date- conquering Mount Monadnock in Jaffrey, NH. We hiked up the Old Toll Road Trail to the Halfway House Site and then to White Arrow to the base of the summit. The Scouts had a blast climbing this mountain. “This hike is so awesome” was the phrase of the day, along with asking if we can do more hikes like this.

Unfortunately, due to a wall of rain being blown our way, we chose not to summit the mountain for everyone’s safety. We ate our lunches at the base of the summit, finishing just in time for the rain to start. We worked our way slowly back down the trail and had sunshine for the rest of the hike. We even stopped back at the Halfway House Site so that everyone could get their pictures taken in the stone chair!

5 1/2 hours and 4.2 miles later and we reached the starting gate! Great work Scouts!

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It was a great day with everyone and we look forward to our next hiking adventure together!