Pack 107 Blue and Gold Banquet 2022

On Saturday 4/9/2022, Cub Scout Pack 107 hosted it’s Blue and Gold Banquet at Millbury Street Elementary School in Grafton. The Blue and Gold Banquet is one of the most exciting and important celebrations in the Scouting calendar, as Scouts celebrate the birthday and the anniversary of the founding of the Boy Scouts of America Program on February 8th,1910.  This year’s Blue and Gold Banquet is  extra-special since it is the first time we were able to celebrate in person since 2019. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to commemorate this occasion remotely for 2 years in a row. At the Blue and Gold Banquet, our Pack also celebrates the Arrow of Light Scouts as they receive their rank of Arrow of Lights, which is the highest rank to be earned in the Cub Scouting Program.  We also gather to celebrate their cross over to the Troop level as BSA Scouts, and wishing them farewell from our Pack. In addition special recognitions and achievements are awarded.

The Blue and Gold Ceremony began our Arrow of Light Scouts performing the Color Guard ceremony, the last one they would be performing as a Cub Scout. This was followed by an invocation by Reverend Dr. Barbara Therese, from The Congregational Church of Grafton, the Pack’s charted organization. She spoke about “Shining Your Light” as you live out the Scout Law in your daily life, family life, and as you go our into the community.

As we celebrate the birthday of the BSA, Boy Scouts of America, the Pack leaders came together to tell the story of the beginning of the BSA, Boy Scouts of America’s founding and achievements along the way.

Mr. Erik Coldwell, Assistant Scoutmaster or Troop 107, and Souring Eagle Distict Pinewood Derby Championship organizer presented Pack 107 as the first winner of Championship Tophy. He also mentioned all the winners from Pack 107 who won at the District Derby.

The Bobcat rank is the first rank a Cub Scout achieves, and there is a special Bobcat ceremony that goes along with it. Today we have 2 Tiger Scouts who have achieved this rank. Congratulations Grayden and Luca and their families.

Our Cubmaster Tabitha presented hike miles awards to Jimmy C, who earned enough miles to get a hiking stick, Ollie N. and Gabriel R., each earned another 5 miles bead. Samuel G. was awarded with the Outdoor activity award patch for attending summer camp and 6 other summertime Pack activities.

Our AOL Scout, Aisla G., Samuel G., and Lukas H., took turns “lighting” candles that represent the spirit of Cub Scouting: The blue candle, representing of giving goodwill and doing your best, the white candle, representing, the promise to fulfill the Scout Oath and Scout Law, the Cub SCout Motto, “Do your best”, the yellow candle , representing the entire Scouting movement is one of service, high ideals and fellowship, and the green unlit candle, representing, the Scouts, BSA Program, that there is more adventure ahead as you continue on your journey along the Scouting trail.

This year we have 6 Arrow of Light Scouts, from Den 9 and Den 19, who have achieved this rank. Congratulations go out to Joseph D., Gabriel F, Lukas H., Samuel G., Ailsa G., and Owen T.  Den 9 is  a milestone Den which started in 2016  with the addition of the Lion Year Pilot program , with Joseph D., and Gabriel F. who have been through the program since the Den’s inception, Samual G. joined Den 9 at the Start of the Tiger Year, Lukas H., joined at the beginning of the Wolf Year, and Owen T. joined Cub Scouts as a Wolf in New Jersey, and joined our Pack and Den in the beginning of the Arrow of Light Year. Den 19 is also a milestone Den, which is the year that girls were allowed to join Cub Scouts, and we celebrate Ailsa G, who joined at her Tiger Year in Millbury, and joined our Pack and Den in her Bear Year.  Each Scout was handed an Arrow of Light Pin to give their parents to thank them for helping and guiding them along their Scouting journey. Parents were given an Arrow of Light patch to pin onto their Scout’s uniform. This is the only Cub Scout rank badge that can remain on the Scout’s uniform throughout their Scouts, BSA journey. Each Scout is then awarded their special Arrow plaque award that contains an arrow with custom attached special colored bands that represent, awards, ranks, and adventures that they have earned during their Cub Scout Journey. These colored bands are custom tied by our Cubmaster, Mrs. Tabitha Lefrancois.

Following the Arrow of Light Award ceremony, there was time for a Pack craft, designed by our Tiger Assistant Den Leader, Mrs. Christine Gaspar. Each Scout and guest were invited to design a Scout themed picture picture frame. It was amazing to see the personalities come out in each design!

Throughout the event, each Den performed various skits, and it was wonderful to see their creativity, love of laughter and performance come to light.

A Cub Scout Summer Camp presentation came just before lunch and it was amazing to see the wonder and excitement in the Cub Scouts eyes as they see all the adventure that await them.

A catered lunch included pizza, salad, fruits, chips, blue and gold cup cakes, and drinks. Everyone enjoyed a journey down memory lane of the last 6 years since the inception of Den 9.

After lunch, our AOL Den Leader, Mr. Dan Gaspar, and Assistant Den Leader, Mr. Larry Drew, gave a final congratulation and goodbye speech, and gift presentations from the leaders to the Scouts and from our AOL Scouts and families to their den Leaders.

As the Cross Over Ceremony began, our AOL Scouts were invited to light the candles representing the Seven Virtues of Life, representing the seven rays on the Arrow of Light. 1. Wisdom doesn’t mean that you are smarter than otehrs. It means that you use what you know to lead a better life. 2. Courage does not mean that you have no fear or danger. It means that you can face danger despite your fear. 3. Self-control means being able to stop when you have had enough of something, such as eating, playing, or even working too much. 4. Justice means being fair with others as you play and work with then. 5. Faith is belief in God and things that you cannot see, but feel are true. 6. Hope means looking forward to good things you believe will happen and working hard today to make them happen. 7. Many kind words of Love are important: love of family, fellow humans, God and our country.

The AOL Scouts and their families were invited to the Cross Over Bridge as the parents send their Scout onto the next step in their Scouting Journey as Scouts, BSA. The first AOL scout to cross over was, Ailsa G., who is crossing over to Souts BSA Troop 2019, the first all female Troop of Grafton. Joseph D, Gabriel F., Samual G., Lukas H., and Owen T., crossed over to Scouts, BSA Troop 107.

A special and touching speech by our Cubmaster, Ms. Tabitha Lefrancois, followed. She announced that this was her first and last time hosting Blue and Gold Banquet and Ceremony as Cubmaster, and that she plans to retire from her position after the Pack Advancement Ceremony on June 18, 2022. Ms. Tabitha began her journey with Pack 107 when her son, Kaleb joins as a Tiger in 2014. Ms. Tabitha served as Pack Secretary, Lion Den leader, Assistant Cubmaster, and became Cubmaster in 2019. Mr. Larry Drew, who just retired as Assistent Den Leader for Den 9 and Den 19, will take on the position of Co-Cubmaster, and will become the official Cubmaster on June 18th.

Our Committee Member, Chris Nichols, gave a touching tribute to all that Tabitha has accomplished, and shined a light on all that a Cubmaster does behind the scenes to make our Program run.

A big thank you goes out to our special guest, Troop 2019, Troop 107 and their Leaders for coming to join this special event and to receive the new Scouts into their Troops, Reverend Dr. Barbara Therese for giving the invocation, and to all those who helped behind the scenes for our Blue and Gold Banquet and Ceremony to take place. Thank you to Mrs. Tabitha Lefrancois, Mr. Dan Gaspar, Mrs. Christine Gaspar, Mr. Chris Nichols, Mrs Cindy Fong who formed the Blue and Bold Committee. Thank you to Mrs. April Lane for ordering the pizza and salad. Thank you to Mr. Chris Nichols, Mr. Chris Vincent, Mrs. Heather Nickerson, Mr. John Bubriski, and Mrs. Cindy Fong for taking photos and videos.

We cannot forget, an huge and heartfelt thank you to Mr. King, Scoutmaster of Troop 107, and Mrs. Tabitha for accepting pies in the face as awards for our top Scout Popcorn sales/fundraisers. Every Scout that raised more than $525 go to put a pie on Ms. Tabitha’s face. Congratulations these 11 csouts: Gabriel R., Andrew N, Nico F., Lilly G., Nathaniel R., Jimmy C., Samuel G., Gabriel F., Ollie N., Jasmine B, and our top seller/fundraiser, Matthew L.

The following Scout who sold/fundraised more than $750 got to put a pie into Mr. King’s face and beard. Congratulations to these 6 Scouts: Jimmy C., Samuel G., Gabriel F., Ollie N., Jasmine B., and Matthew L.

This was one of the most memorable events and will be remembered for years to come!! Cub Scout know how to have fun!

Photo credits: Chris Nichols, Chris Vincent, Cindy Fong