Pack 107’s First Pack Hike of New Scouting Year

Cub Scout Pack 107 kicked off the first pack hike of the scouting year on Sunday, October 11, 2020, at Upton State Forest. It was the perfect warm, sunny, fall day during the Columbus Day weekend, with beautiful fall foliage and amazing landscape to take in. We had 12 scouts and their families, and one new scout family who joined us on the hike. Everyone had their masks on, and were socially distanced between families during the hike.

Before starting the hike, Cub Master Tabitha Lefrancois, reviewed the 6 Essentials, the Outdoor Code, the Leave No Trace Principles, and the safety rules of hiking, using the buddy system, staying in between the leader and the caboose and all times. Mr. and Mrs. Gaspar brought plastic bags for trash sightings so that the cub scouts put into practice the Leave No Trace Principles, and learn to be community service minded.

The cub scouts paired into buddies with their sibling and parents throughout the hike, and each buddy group took turns being the leader on the 3.3 mile hike. Ms. Tabitha talked about the presence or evidence of animals along the trail, including what they can hear, see, and smell. Some evidence can include animal droppings, known as scat, animal tracks, feathers, fur, scratches on trees, burrows, food scraps, and even a tree stump that was gnawed on by a beaver.

The hike ended with a race to the gate, with Samuel G. coming in first place! Everyone had a fun time reconnecting and enjoying the outdoors, learning about nature, and experiencing the beauty of the fall season in New England!

The next Pack hike will be on November 1, 2020 , 10AM-2PM, at Mount Wachusett, in Princeton, MA.