Pack 107 and Pack 106 Work Together to Remulch the Norcross Park Playground

The cubscouts and families of Pack 107 and Pack 106 worked together on this beautiful, warm Spring day to remulch the playground area of  Norcross Park. This was a collaborative effort to celebrate Earth Day a little early.  It was a large undertaking, but it was so wonderful to see so many scouting families show that they care about the park, and take part in the project.

Everyone young and mature took part in shoveling, picking up wheelbarrows,  picking up full and empty buckets of mulch, raking the mulch, and cleaning up the area after the job was done. The group worked efficiently and got the job done in 90 minutes.

As a reward, the cubscouts and their families enjoyed a few rounds of “Capturing the Flag”. They  decided to play Pack 106 vs Pack 107! It was fun to see such great team spirit. The end score was 4 to 3 for Pack 107, but in the end, it was a win for everyone! A great day well spent, and the Norcross Park playground looks great!