Pack 107 Tiger Cubscouts Help Out the Grafton Congregational Church

This past Saturday, April 6th, the Tiger cubscouts took down the damaged fence at the Grafton Congregational Church  for community service to help out our charter organization. This was for the Earning your Stripes adventure. The fence got damaged by a large part of the tree falling down on it in late February. The church decided it was best to take the entire fence down, rather than repair it. Pastor Zach Kerzee of Simple Church was happy to take the dismantled fence as he is a woodworker and likes working with reclaimed wood.

Although the Tiger cubscout are among the youngest of the pack, their hearts and might are strong, and capable of doing such a wonderful big job!! You are a shining example of what even the youngest of kids can do, if you are determined, and are working for a cause you believe in! Great job, Tigers!!