Pack 107 wins the Michael S. Hibbard Pinewood Derby Spirit Award at the 2019 Mill Town District Pinewood Derby

20190330_135253.jpgThe 2019 Mill Town District Pinewood Derby was held today at the Park Avenue Elementary School in Webster, MA. The scouts with the top 2 performing cars from each cub scout rank were eligible to race. Representing Tigers were Lily and Matthew, Wolves were Gabriel and Joey, Bears were Davis and Cory, Webelos were Colin and Nicholas, and Lions was Casey.

Awards were given to the scouts with the top 3 fastest cars  in each rank, as well as 2 design awards, most Scoutworthy, and best creative design.  Pack 107 did a fantastic job this year.

Matthew receiving 1st place-Tigers. Lily received the Most Scoutworthy Design Award-Tigers.

Nicholas won the award for Most Scoutworthy Design-Webelos.


Gabriel won 1st place-Wolf, and his car had the fastest overall speed of the derby which earned Pack 107 the Michael S Hibbard Pinewood Derby Spirit Award.  This award will be presented to Pack 107 at one of their pack meetings and the trophy will be kept with the pack until next year’s Mill Town Pinewood Derby. Congratulations, Gabriel, for this wonderful achievement!!

20190330_103611.jpg 20190330_135419.jpg


Congratulations to all our winning cubscouts, and to the cubscouts who went to represent Pack 107 today. Everyone was so supportive of each other, and it’s wonderful to see such team spirit!