Pack 107 Experiences a Night Journey at the Ecotarium


Pack 107 enjoyed a busy and fun-filled overnight experience at the Ecotarium, in Worcester this past weekend. This was also a  celebration of the pack’s popcorn fundraising efforts.

The cubscouts experienced a night of crimes, codes, and clues as they were presented with a feline forensics mystery to solve. They used logic, careful observation, fingerprinting evidence, DNA analysis, and decoding encryption to solve the case.

20181110_214943The night ended with a planetarium show called “Passport to the Universe”. It was a relaxing way to wind down the night with a soothing journey through the infinite expanse of our universe.

The pack enjoyed having the private experience of whole Ecotarium building just to our group.  A big hit was the Game Play exhibit with giant sized games such as chess, Jenga and, Connect, to name a few.  The hurricane/ wind capsule, and rock wall were also big hits.  The cubscouts and their families were able to camp out and sleep in the area of their favorite exhibits.

On Sunday morning, we had an early wake up to breakfast, free play of the whole museum, and then an outdoor wildlife tour to cap off the overnight experience. On the wildlife tour, we got to see bald eagles, red fix, owls, red tailed hawk, skunks and a porcupines.

The Ecotarium staff were so knowledgeable, helpful, entertaining, and friendly. They made the overnight adventure an unforgettable experience. A big cubscout thank you to the Ecotarium and their Night Journey staff!