The Arrow of Lights Cubscouts of Grafton Pack 107 care for Norcross Park.

Today, the  cubscouts and families of the Arrow of Light Dens of Pack 107, spent the afternoon raking a lot of leaves and picking up garbage off the grounds of Norcross Park, on North Street. It was a chilly day, but rain-free! Their camaraderie and scout spirit kept them warm and created fun memories.

Since Pack 107’s adoption of Norcross Park, 2 years ago,  the Pack and its dens have taken turns doing monthly community service, during the non-snowy months. This includes picking up garbage around the playground, parking lot, and baseball field, weeding, mulching, spring and fall clean ups.

It’s  so wonderful to see these future leaders in the making, as they learn the value of caring for their community, and how their actions are making the Grafton community a better place in which to live.