October 2018 Pack Meeting

We had our October Pack meeting on Friday October 5th, at the Congregational Church. It started with a fun slime making pre-meeting activity. Great job running the event,Sophie and Nikolas. The pack meeting was a busy night of acknowledgment of all the various achievements made by our cunscouts over the summer and in the month of September. We had a Bobcat ceremony for 3 of our new cubscouts,  Summer Camp awards, Summertime Scout awards, Beaver Day patch awards, New Scout awards, Recruiter patch awards, highest popcorn seller prize for the month of September, den adventure achievement awards, and the  new hiking program  awards.  We had 2 cubscouts who each received a walking stick for accruing over 20 miles of hiking in their time as cubscouts. We also welcomed our new den chief, Nikolas, who is a boy scout from Troop 107. Congratulations to all the scouts on all your achievements, and keep up the great work!

Our top popcorn seller, Ben, was given a task of putting all the squeezed out toothpaste back into its tube. Our cubmaster,  Mr. Shawn Tidd,  used this example to illustrate what it means when we say “a scout is trustworthy.”

“What we say and do is like the toothpaste. Once it is out there, it can not be taken back.” One must keep their word, and do the right thing.

Upcoming pack events in October include our next popcorn  Show and Sell at the Grafton Stop and Shop on Saturday, October 13, 9am-2pm, and a day outing for pack hike at Mount Monadnok, NH, on  Saturday, October 20. Our last popcorn Show and Sell at the Grafton Stop and Shop will be Saturday, October 27th,  9am-2pm.