Wolf Den Homework and Meeting Recaps

Homework to date

Try to complete these as we go along so you don’t get too far behind. Let us know at the end of the meetings if you’ve completed anything and we’ll check it off in the handbook.

  • Howling at the Moon #3 – Create a short joke/skit video for our Campfire Program video
  • Germs Alive #6 – Create/record home chores chart
  • Paws of Skill #3 – (page 279) Select at least two physical fitness skills and practice them daily for two weeks. See if you can improve during that time.
  • Paws on the Path – page 36
  • Call of the Wild – page 85
  • First aid kit – Build your own mini first aid kit for hikes as part of your six essentials. See 10/11 meeting notes for details.
  • YPT training – This is the extra insert at the beginning of the wolf handbook. Review it with your scout.


2/14/2020 – Howling at the Moon

We began the meeting by discussing how we communicate.  Then we moved into practicing our skit for the Blue and Gold banquet (that was unfortunately cancelled do to COVID-19).

1/24/2020 – Germs Alive

We started this meeting by covering how to properly fold the US flag. Then we headed into the kitchen and talked about how to properly wash our hands, how germs spread, and conducted a sneezing and mucus demos.  After a light snack we closed the meeting with the scouts creating their own charts for chores to do at home.

1/17/2020 – Air of Wolf Part 2

We opened the meeting with Scout Strong exercises.  Then we experimented with a basketball and talked about what happens when it is deflated or filled.  Finally we made harmonicas (kazoos, really) out of 2 Popsicle sticks, 2 rubber bands, paper and tape.

1/10/2020 – Air of Wolf Part 1

We built paper airplanes and modified them to see what would happen.  Then we built some simple kites made out of paper, tape, staples and string.

1/3/2019 – Pack Meeting – Flag Ceremony and Guest Speaker Grafton Police Officer

12/20/2019 – Paws of Skill 6

We talked about sportsmanship, what it means to be a good sport, and played some games.  Then we talked about having a healthy diet and planned out a meal and made a shopping list.

12/13/2019 – Cyber Chip with the Pack

12/06/2019 – Pack meeting with various activities and Santa!

11/29/2019 – No meeting

11/22/2019 – Running with the Pack

We’ll be working on Running with the Pack 1, 2, 3, 5. If you want, you can wear some more appropriate clothing for doing exercises.

11/15/2019 – Pack Meeting – Jeopardy

11/08/2019 – No meeting – TVSR overnight

11/1/19 – Adventures in Coins

We completed all the main requirements for the Adventures in Coins elective! We talked about the different parts of coins and where they’re made. We also shared different coins that we’ve collected. Mrs Lane was kind enough to give out some collector coins to those who attended!!! Thank you Mrs Lane!


At this point you should have the YPT training completed. Also, you should have created your own mini first aid kit for hikes, and should be working on Paws of Skill part 3 at home. We also had some homework on pages 36 and 85 for the Paws on the Path and Call of the Wild adventures.

10/25/19 – Call of the Wild

We practiced making knots for the Call of the Wild adventure. We also worked on some stretching and yoga for the Elective Paws of Skill.

⁃ Call of the Wild 5

⁃ Paws of Skill 1, 2

Homework: Do your daily exercises.

10/18/19 Paws on the Path and Call of the Wild

We covered some adventures relating to hiking and the outdoors. We also showed off our first aid kits and talked about their contents.

We covered:

⁃ Paws on the Path 1, 2, 3, 4

⁃ Call of the Wild 4, 5a, 5b, 5c. 7a, 7b (I’m not sure if these numbers are correct)

10/11/19 – First in-church intro meeting

We played ice breaker games and started our den flag.

Homework was to create your own mini first aid kit for when we go on outings. Your first aid kit should include things like antiseptic wipes, antibiotic ointment, bandages, gauze, hand sanitizer and whatever else you think you might need. An old Altoid tin or even just a plastic bag will do for the container. Other suggestions would be tweezers, tick remover (yay New England!), gloves, and moleskin. Check out this Boy’s Life magazine for more details and ideas: https://boyslife.org/video-audio/4937/first-aid-kit-buying-guide/

10/04/2019 – Pack Meeting

09/27/2019 Stop and Shop meeting

We met at Stop and Shop and got a tour of the entire store! We got to go in the back room and see where they prepare foods, learned about what they do with old food, went into the dairy cooler and into the ovens!!!

9/20/2019 – New scout Orientation and Bobcat

9/13/2019 – Pack Meeting and Sign-up

That’s all folks!