Drop-Off Policy

The leaders of Pack 107 strive to provide all Scouts with a safe program year-round. Using guidelines set by the Boy Scouts of America, which can be found in the Guide to Safe Scouting, we have formed the following policy to be used on all Pack activities:

With the exception of Lions (grade K) and Tigers (grade 1), Scouts may be dropped off for day or overnight activities and meetings with the Pack.

As we are a Family Pack, we encourage the family of any Scout to partake in Pack activities. It is highly recommended that at least one parent attend with their Scout for all activities. In the event that a parent is unable to attend, but would like the Scout to, the following procedure should be observed:

  • All Scouts MUST have an adult designated to be responsible for them for the duration of any activity. The parent must make arrangements with a leader or another parent attending the activity to be responsible for their Scout for that activity.
    • Any adult is limited to 1 additional Scout that is not their own.
    • Only registered Scouts may be dropped off- NO SIBLINGS!
    • For overnight events, the designated adult must be a registered leader.

  • The parent must discuss their non-attendance and the arrangement made with the designated responsible adult with the Leader in Charge of that activity.
    • Arrangements and notification to the Leader in Charge are to be made PRIOR to the activity.
    • The name of the Leader in Charge will be noted in the event details on the Scoutbook calendar for that activity.

  • For overnight events, the Leader in Charge will notify the Cubmaster of any Scouts that will be attending the activity without a parent and of the arrangements for the designated responsible adults.

  • A permission slip is to be submitted to the Leader in Charge of the activity at the time of drop-off. The permission slip includes the BSA Activity Consent Form and additional information for the Leader in Charge. Additional information includes Scout and activity information, designated responsible adult information, parent contact information, and pick-up information.
    • A permission slip will NOT be required for Den or Pack meetings that take place in the Town of Grafton or for Show & Sells at Stop and Shop.
    • All other activities or meetings WILL require a permission slip regardless of the location of the activity.

  • The parent and Leader in Charge should discuss any pertinent medical information and
    allergies listed on the Scout’s Annual Health and Medical Record form during drop-off.

  • At the time of pick-up, the parent is to notify the Leader in Charge before leaving with their Scout.
    • If the parent is going to be picking the Scout up at a time different than what was indicated on the permission slip, the parent must notify the Leader in Charge of the change in time as soon as it is known.
      • Please note that earlier pick-up times may not be plausible depending on the activity occurring.

  • Parents who fail to follow pick-up procedures will not be permitted to drop their Scout off for future events.