Pack 107 Celebrate Their Cub Scouts’ Achievements at The 2021 Advancement Ceremony

June is a busy month where students of all ages celebrate the end of the school year, and for some, it is graduation. In Cub Scouts, we also celebrate the end of the Scouting year with an Advancement Ceremony, and it also marks the kick off of the new Scouting year. Pack 107 held their Advancement Ceremony and Camp Out this past weekend, June 26-27, 2021 at the Grafton Lions Club. This is the Pack’s first family camp out since the COVID pandemic. Everyone was so happy to be able to enjoy the outdoors and camp together once again!

The ceremony began with the Color Guard presentation of the flags by the Webelo Den, with our Webelo Scout Lukas H. as M.C.

At the Advancement Ceremony, Pack 107 was excited to officially welcome all the new Scouts that signed up at our May and June Scouting Fun Fest. It was so thrilling to see all the smiling faces of the eager new Cub Scouts, and their families, as they were presented with their new neckerchiefs. A few of the new Cub Scouts already started earning hiking miles and community service hours, and one new scout even earned his Recruiter patch! We are so happy to welcome Oliver N., Oliver D ., Christian E., Andrew N., Jacob H., Gabriel R., Tatenda N., Max. V., and their families to Pack 107!

As we reflect on the 2020-2021 Scouting year, all the Cub Scouts, their families, and Pack Leaders worked so hard and were so flexible to make this year a success. Families works as units and spent family bonding time working on portions of the various adventures at home. They learned to “Do their Best” and “Be Prepared” when we held our various Pack meetings, Den meetings outdoor, through, sun, rain, and cold. Amazingly, no body minded, and they were just happy to be together and enjoy all the fun activities. This would not have been possible without the kindness and generosity of the Grafton Lions Club for allowing us to host our meetings and events on their property. Even more remarkable, Pack 107 was able to keep their commitment to community service, with monthly Norcross Park clean ups, and collecting food, personal care items, socks for the those in need. Amid a year like no other, Pack 107 is so especially proud of all the Scouts for completely all the required adventures to earn their rank badge. These Scouts were recognized, and received their well-deserved belt loops and adventure pins, hiking miles awards, and their rank badge. Congratulations to all our Scouts and families!

In addition, this year’s Council Pinewood Derby winners for 2020 and 2021 were presented with with their trophies. Congratulations to Steven L. and Matthew L. for earning the 3rd place trophies for their rank in the 2020 race., and to Gabriel F. for winning 2nd place for his rank for both 2020 and 2021 races.

Our Pack leadership team also received service pins to recognize their years of service on the Pack Committee. Thank you to Mr. Chris Nichols for 1 year of official service as committee member, Pinewood Derby Chairperson, and photographer. Mr. Nichols has been actively volunteering in the pack long before he became a committee member. Thank you to Mrs. Tiffany Bubriski for 2 years of service as Den Leader for the Girls Den, and to Mr. John Bubriski for 4 years of service as IT Chairperson and Den Leader for the Bear and upcoming Webelos Den.Thank you to Mrs. Christine Gaspar for 3 years of service as committee member, photographer, contributor to Pack 107’s postings, recruitment committee member, talented multi-talented volunteer for many events, and new Tiger Den Leader! Thank you to Mr.Dan Gaspar for 3 years of service as assistant den leader, den leader for the Webelos Den and upcoming AOL Den, recruitment committee chairperson and Pack Committee Chairperson! Thank you to Mr. Larry Drew for 4 years of service as den leader, assistant den leader of the Webelos den and soon to be AOL den! Mr. Drew also the Committee Chairperson of the all female Scouts, BSA Troop 2019. Thank you to Mrs. April Lane for 4 years of service as Pack Treasurer, and Popcorn Kernel, and to Mr. Rob Lane for 6 years of service. He is a retired talented den leader, as of last summer, after his AOL den “graduated” and cross over to the Scouts, BSA Troop level. Mr. Lane remains active as a committee member, and Co-Popcorn Kernel. Thank you to Mrs. Cindy Fong for 4 years of service as Public Relations Chairperson. She shares about all of the Pack’s activities, with the Greater Grafton community, via Facebook posts and blog posts on the website. Thank you to Ms. Tabitha Lefrancois for 5 years of service, as the Pack’s secretary, Lion Den leader, Assistant Cubmaster and Cubmaster. She also works tirelessly behind the scenes for many of the pack administrative and program planning. Thank you to Mr. Matt Davy, who could not be at the Advancement Ceremony, for 2 years of service as den leader for the Wolf Den and soon to be Bear Den.

A great program requires dedicated and creative minds and bodies. Thank you leaders for sharing your time, talent, and love of Scouting with Pack 107. Anyone who has interest in giving us ideas and input into advancing the Pack’s Scouting program to be the best of the best, we’d love to get your input and have you join one of our Pack Committee meetings.

After the ceremony, the scouts and their families enjoyed a pizza dinner along with chips, and fresh fruit, Kool-Aid and water, all served from with a friendly smile from Mrs. April Lane and Mrs. Christine Gaspar. It was so fun to finally be able to enjoy a meal together again, and to make new friends.

After dinner, the Scouts were treated to an epic “Scout Ninja Warrior-like” obstacle course starting with navigating through a rope web in the forest, followed by commando crawling through a low pass, and tunnels, beach ball relay balancing a beach ball on a hoop net, basketball hoop toss, pool noodle weave run, ping pong ball toss, and hula hoop jump. This was the masterminded and set up by our talented Mrs. Christine Gaspar! Thank you so much for all the planning and preparing that went into this!! It was a big hit!! As if the obstacle course didn’t tire them out, the Scouts continued afterward with hula hoop contests, hide and seek, tag, and discovering fireflies after sun set.

After all that fun, everyone enjoyed a cooling and quenching freezy pop treat, before the start of the campfire program. It started the Campfire Ash Ceremony (also known as a Friendship Ash ceremony) , and is a ritual associated with  Scouting meant to convey the long history and fellowship associated with the movement. Attributed to Lord Baden-Powell, it is said that he would take a small amount of the ashes from the campfire he was at, and would take them to add to the next campfire he attended. The Scouts from Troop 2019 performed campfire side skits, followed by Ms. Tabitha’s jokes and riddles, and then the Cub Scout and their families were invited to share any jokes or skits. It was amazing to see so many Scouts who wanted to share. Even our newest and youngest Scouts came out to share! It was amazing to see so many new friendship develop already!

A flag retirement ceremony followed with Troop 2019 leading the solemn ceremony. The Scouts, BSA Handbook states: “A national flag that is worn beyond repair may be burned in a fire. The ceremony should be conducted with dignity and respect and the flag burned completely to ashes.” … The Scouts, BSA Handbook explains, “As the symbol of America, it stands for the past, present, and future of our country.”

The campfire program ended with the singing of Scout Vespers. Scout Vespers is a traditional Scouting song. The tune is that of “O Tannenbaum/O, Christmas Tree“. The song is usually sung at the end of the evening campfire, often as people are filing out of the fire circle. Often it will be sung by alternating singing the lyrics and humming the tune. 

The camping night lights out was at 9:30pm, and the next morning, the camper enjoyed breakfest before the end of this event.

We look forward to seeing everyone, and any new faces at our summertime scouting events to come.

Come see What Scouting Adventures Await for Boys and Girls Entering K-12, At Our June 11, 2021 Scouting Fun Fest!!

The June Scouting Fest is getting bigger!! This is a community event to share what Scouting is all about with Cub Scout Pack 107, BSA, Troop 2019, and BSA, Troop 107.

Cub Scout Pack 107 is an all year round family Scouting program for boys and girls entering grades K-5. It is a great program for siblings and families to learn and enjoy new experiences together, while learning about civic duty, learning about the outdoors, STEM activities, special Scouting events, community service, while working toward being physically fit, mentally awake and morally straight!

BSA, Troop 2019, is an all year round Scouting program for girls entering 6th grade and up. It’s a wonderful program to prepare all girls in this critical age of development, to be independent, strong future leaders. Girls, too, have the opportunity to earn the rank of Eagle!

BSA, Troop 107 is an all year round Scouting program for boys entering 6th grade and older. Scouting is perfect for boys, in this critical age of development, to learn to be responsible, independent, strong future leaders. Troop 107 just had 4 Scouts earn their rank of Eagle!

There is something for everyone, girls and boys, in grades K-12. Join us this Friday , June 11th , 6-7 pm, at the Congregational Church of Grafton, 30 Grafton Common, Grafton, MA , to find out more. Fun activities await!! Feel free to bring a buddy!!

Come See What Adventures Await in Cub Scouting!

Do you have a daughter or son who will be entering grades K-5 in the fall? Do they like adventure and outdoor fun, doing STEM activities, and doing fun activities with the family? Do they like making new friends or are they a little timid? Cub Scouting is a great way to get your child back out to learn and see nature, explore hidden talents, learn what it means to be a responsible citizen, while making meaningful, lasting friendships! As a family scouting program Cub Scout Pack 107 is for both girls and boys, so all siblings in the grades K-5 can join together. The pack will guide you and teach you how to go hiking, camping and so much more! The Scouting program helps build a foundation for our youth to become tomorrow’s leaders!

2021 Cub Scouting Year for Pack 107 is Looking Bright

Despite global pandemic, and COVID restrictions, Pack 107 has made Cub Scouting a successful year! Amid quarantine isolation and limited extra curricular activity options, Cub Scouting has been there to meet these needs using safe practice guidelines, and plenty of outdoor activities. Having to adapt to how we do Scouting in a pandemic year shows how Scouts are trained to always “Be prepared!” and to “Do your best!” We have gone from Zoom Pack meetings, to drive- thru Pack Meeting with community service minded activities. We have made community service and giving back to Grafton a key theme this year. We made one of the biggest Scouting events of the year work via a virtual style Pinewood Derby Event, and graduating our AOL Scouts with a hybrid in-person Cross over Ceremony.

Scout Sunday

A scout is Reverent. Every year the BSA celebrates this piece of the scout law, as well as a Scout’s duty to God with an event called “Scout Sunday.” It usually takes place near February th, which is the birthday of Scouting. The Congregational Church of Grafton – our sponsor – celebrated Youth*Speak and Scout Sunday on Feb 14th, 2021. Unfortunately due to COVID restrictions, we could not all attend in person, but were invited to join virtually.Reverend Dr. Barbara Therese, along with representatives from BSA Troop 107, Pack 107, and BSA Troop 2019 went live around 10am to begin the service. Our Webelo Scout, Gabriel, represented Pack 107. Nick C., the SPL of Troop 107 was the Scout representative who recited the Scout Oath and Scout Law.The featured guest presenter was Sophie C., the SPL of BSA Troop 2019, a Venturing Scout, and Gold Award recipient of the Girls Scouts. She was chosen to be the Youth*Speak speaker for this year. Her powerful speech and message was centered on the theme of “Mental Health Is Not a Demon.” Her personal goal is “to leave the world a better place than how she found it.”The centering thought of the service is ” One person can make a difference, and everyone should try.”You can watch on their Facebook page:…

Usually for The birthday of Scouting we host a Blue and Gold Banquet, but due to gathering restriction, the Pack’s February Pack Meeting included a tribute to the birthday of Scouting, and we watch a musical about the History of the Scouting movement. In addition to a guest speaker, Mr. Peter Carlson who is The Town of Grafton’s Chairman of the Select Board to discuss his role in local government, as part of the AOL’s Build a Better World adventure. Mr Carlson then invited a Scout from the Pack to open February 9th Select Board Meeting. Our Wolf Scout Josh N. enthusiastically volunteered, and did a wonderful job!

Hiking and Winter Fun

To celebrate the first day of spring, Pack 107 hosted Pack hike at Douglas State Forest, on March 20th, 2021. The weather couldn’t have been more beautiful!! Before the hike started, the Pack recited the Outdoor Code and the Leave No Trace Principles. We hiked 2.95 miles along the Coffee House Loop Trail while also doing a Scout Scavenger Hunt. Our Cub Scouts used the buddy system and performed frequent buddy checks to make sure no one is ever left behind. Each buddy pair took turns leading the Pack on the hike. Our Cub Scouts learned to walk on the the trail path to preserve the trail from unnatural widening and erosion. They learned to respect other visitors by staying on the right side of the path to let others pass. They learned to be quiet and wait for horses to pass in order not to frighten or surprise the horses. Everyone had a great time and agreed that today’s hike was the most fun way to welcome the First Day of Spring!

For the months of January, February and April, the Pack hosted a family social distanced hike with different themes and scavenger hunts. These hike count toward “hiking miles” to earn prizes for the Pack’s Hiking Program. During the winter months, the Pack held a snowman/snow sculpture building contest which ended March 31, 2021. The scsouts submitted a snow creation with every snow fall during the winter. The Scouts who participated were awarded a certificate and a gourmet hot chocolate bomb that was all the rage this past winter!

The next Pack hikes planned are The Quabbin Reservoir Hike on Saturday May, 15, 2021, and Blue Hills Hike on June 12, 2021.

Community Service

March Pack Meeting at the Grafton Lions Club Pavilion. This meeting was the Pine Wood Derby Weigh In Night where the cub scouts and their families enter their Pine Wood Derby cars for the big race next Saturday. The Pack also held a non perishable food drive for the Congregational Church’s Loaves and Fishes outdoor pantry. During this pandemic, the Pack recognized that there has been rising food insecurity, and wanted to find a way to help. Any family in need , are free to take some food from the pantry. Anyone who wants to donate can leave non perishable foods there too. Thank you Pack 107 families for your generous donations.Here is a message from Rev. Dr. Barbara Therese thanking the Pack. “Saturday greetings, Tabitha and members of Pack 107. Bright sunlight to your day.Bless you and thank you for your bountiful generosity of donations for the Loaves and Fishes Food Cupboard! The Congregational Church of Grafton, as a faith community, and our Mission Committee, in particular, deeply appreciate the Pack’s tangible gift and their remarkable community service.With the members, leaders and families of Pack 107, please share our church’s tremendous gratitude for their kindness and community-minded efforts. In our Season of COVID, food insecurity severely impacts one in every eight families in Central MA. Nationwide, one in every ten children faces food insecurity every day. Your leadership within the Pack and the Pack’s vision to help those who are needful help to address and reduce hunger within our nation.May the Spirit of community service continue to work in you and Pack 107. Our faith community and our greater community are blessed by your efforts.

With faith, hope and gratitude,Rev. Dr. Barbara Therese”

* * * * * * * * * *Additionally, on the first Sunday of every month, the Congregational Church’s faith community honors their monthly “Sharing the Light” food collection efforts for the Grafton Food Bank and the church’s food cupboard. Today’s “Message for All Ages” celebrated Pack 107’s community service.Pack members and families were invited to visit the church’s Facebook page on Sunday at 10 a.m. [“Message for All Ages” is 14 minutes into the church service.] Click on link below to watch.

Pack 107 gave back to the Grafton Lions Club Mass for giving us a “home away from home” to be able to host Cub Scout events during Covid-19 Pandemic, where all event were hosted outdoors. The Grafton Lions Club hosted their clean up event today and Pack 107 was geared up to help. We picked up fallen tree branches and sticks, raked, picked up trash, moved old wooden picnic tables, removed “Caution” tape around the soccer field, and cleaned up the area around the stream on the property. This community service project serves also as a way for our cubs scouts to learn about what the Outdoor Code and Leave No Trace Principles in Scouting is all about, especially during Earth Day weekend!

Pack 107 continues its commitment to monthly clean ups of Norcross Park which continue though the year with the exception of the snowy months.

Den Activities

The Dens in our Pack stayed active during the winter and spring with regular in-person outdoor meetings that include fun activities such as ice fishing, fishing lessons, outdoor physical fitness tracking. They also worked on STEM adventures such as a winter den hike at Pell Farm to study various trees and to hide a geocache, a den hike at Purgatory Chasm to study geology, science experiments with planting a beans with control and variables, studying the planets in our galaxy, virtual visit a to a science lab, interviews with real scientists, and experimenting with the effects of adding a Mentos into a bottle of soda!

Pinewood Derby 2021

Pinewood Derby is one of the most anticpated and favorite events in the Cub Scouting Year. The Pinewood Derby is the wood car racing event of the Boy Scouts of America. Pinewood Derbies are often run by Packs of the Cub Scouts program. With the help of adults, Scouts build their own unpowered, unmanned miniature cars from wood, usually from kits containing a block of pine wood, plastic wheels, and metal axles. This is where the Cub Scouts’ creativity, and engineering design at their best, are showcased.

The most anticipated April Pack Meeting finally took place on Sunday April 18, 2021 after some unexpected April winter weather earlier in the week. Pack 107 held their virtual Pinewood Derby in March, but due to COVID-19 restrictions, the race was organized and put on by the Pack’s Pinewood Derby Committee, and filmed with the several camera angles. This Pack Meeting was the directorial debut of the 2021 Pack 107 Pinewood Derby, held at the Grafton Lions Club Mass. We had an outdoor Pack movie night. Everyone was blown away by the level of professional filming, editing, voice overs ( by Dan Gaspar and Chris Nichols),…the works!!! Thank you Pinewood Derby Committee, and a special thank you goes to Chris Nichols for sharing his time and talent to make this happen! He spend over 100+ hours throughout the Pinewood Derby Season thus far, to make this happen! The Pack cannot thank you enough! We also thank our special judges who participated in judging the Pinewood Derby Design categories: Peter Carlson, Ed King, Greg Marr, and Scott Zajkowski.

The top 2 fastest cars from each rank qualified to race at the Council Pinewood Derby . Congratulations to:Wolf – Josh N. -Overall 3rd Place, Wolf- Casey G., Bear – Matt L.-Overall 2nd place, Bear – Lilly G., Webelos – Gabriel F- Overall 1st place, Webelos – Joey D., AOL – Chris F., AOL- Cory G.

The winners of the design awards include: Most Original Design-Aaron B., Best Paint Job-Ailsa G., Best Race Car Theme-Lucas N., Most Likely Build By a Scout- Sam G., Most Patriotic-Jasmine B., Best Predatory Car-Nico F., Best Pairing With Crackers- Silas F., and Most Fuel Efficient- Liam L.

The Council Pinewood Derby took place on May 1st, 2021 at the East Lodge of Treasure Valley Scout Reservation. It was a virtual event and live-streamed on Youtube. It features our own Cub Master Miss Tabitha Lefrancois, who worked the track, and our own Pack Pinewood Derby Committee Chairperson, Chris Nichols, who did an amazing job as co-host. Congratulations for the winners of the 2020 Covid Circuit: AOL 2nd place- NIck. S., AOL 3rd Place- Steven L., Bears 2nd Place- Gabriel F. Congratulation to Gabriel F who won Webelos 2nd place in the 2021 HNE Council Pinewood Derby. You can watch all 7 hours by clicking on this link, or fast forward to the relevant parts.

More Fun to Come

As we are approaching summer, Scouting for Cub Scout Pack 107 doesn’t stop! We are a year round family Scouting program, so our Scouts will always have fun activities to look forward to, and they can stay connected with their Scouting friends all year long. The Boy Scouts of America has awards that the Pack and the Scouts can earn by staying active and having Scouting activities during the months of June July and August.

Pack 107 Summertime Events:

  • *5/21 May Scout Fun Fest
  • *6/12 June Scout Fun Fest
    * 6/12 Blue Hills Hike
    * 6/19 Norcross Park Community Service
    * 6/26-6/27 Advancement Ceremony & Camp-Out
    * 7/10 Outdoor Event TBD
    * 7/18 Norcross Park Community Service
    * 8/7 Outdoor Event TBD
    * 8/28 Norcross Park Community Service & Pack Game

Council Summertime Events ($10/ea):
* 6/26 Fishing Derby
* 7/24 Shooting Sports Day
* 8/21 Aquatics Day

TVSR^ Cub Scout DAY Camp $305:
* July 12 – 16
* July 19 – 23
TVSR^ WEBELOS Resident Camp $305:
* July 4 – 7
* July 7 – 10

Arrow of Light and Cross Over Ceremony 2021

The Arrow of Light Award is the highest award and rank that can be earned as a Cub Scout. On May 2, 2021, Pack 107 hosted their Arrow of Light and Cross Over ceremony at the Grafton Lions Club Pavilion. The family of the Scouts who were crossing over, and the leaders of Troop 107 were invited to attend in-person while the rest of Pack 107 and Troop 107 were invited to join via Zoom.

Our pack celebrated this achievement by 9 of our Cub Scouts who achieve the rank of Arrow of Light. Our Cub Master Miss Tabitha Lefrancois was the master of ceremonies for this special celebration. Congratulations to Aaron B., Silas F., Chris F., Cory G., Jackson G., Liam L., Davis M., Harold M., Lucas N., and their families. Pack 107 wishes you much success as you continue on your Scouting journey with BSA Troop 107.

They were welcomed into BSA Troop 107 by their Senior Patrol Leader, Nikolas C., Assistant Patrol Leaders Owen R., and Ben Z., Troop 107 Scout Master Mr. Ed King, Troop 107 Committee Chairperson Ms. Kristen Zinkowski, and Troop 107 Assistant Scout Master Mr. Erik Coldwell.

During his 5 years with Pack 107, Mr. Tony Frederico served as Den Leader/ Assistance Den Leader, and 3 years as the Pack Committee Chairperson. Mr. Federico, we thank for all that you do for Scouting, and for having devoted your time and talent in advancing the Pack’s Scouting program under your leadership. You give inspiration to all to strive for better. Here is the video of the inspirational speech he gave about “Going for Eagle”.

We also thank Mr. Clay McDonald who served as assistant Den Leader for 2 years and Den Leader for 3, for sharing his time and talent with Pack 107. He is also the Scout Master for the female BSA Troop 2019 since it’s inception in March 2019. Our Bears Den Leader, Mr. John Bubriski presented both Mr. Tony Frederico and Mr. Clay McDonald with a special gift for their service and time with Pack 107.

The AOL Scouts opened the ceremony with Flag Ceremony, but for the closing Flag Ceremony, we had our Webelo Scout Sam G., and Bear Scouts Lilly G., Jasmine B, and Wolf Scout Josh N., do the honors. It was a beautiful ceremony and we were all grateful to be able to celebrate this important event in-person once again.