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October 16th Show and Sell

On Sunday October 16th, the Pack had its second Show and Sell at Stop & Shop. The Scouts waited nicely outside asking customers if they would like to support Scouting with the purchase of popcorn.

September 23rd-24th Beaver Day

On Saturday September 24th, the Pack participated in Beaver Day at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation. Beaver Day is a day in which Scout Packs and Troops come to Treasure Valley to help with community service. We started the morning with a full breakfast of pancakes, eggs, bacon, oatmeal, and hot chocolate. Then for our service project, the Pack trucked down and spread mulch throughout the Chippewa campsite to prepare it for the winter season. Following our service project, we had some play time before most of the Pack headed home. A few stayed for a second night at Treasure Valley, ordered pizza, and spent the night by the campfire.

September 17th Show and Sell

On Saturday September 17th, we had our first Show and Sell at Stop & Shop. The Scouts waited nicely outside asking customers if they would like to support Scouting with the purchase of popcorn.

September 11th Pack Hike West Hill Dam

On Sunday September 11th, we had a Pack hike at West Hill Dam. We started our hike with a flag ceremony, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath, and Scout Law. We followed the ceremony with a moment of silence in honor of the lives lost on September 11, 2001. Afterwards, we took a group picture on the dam and began our hike. We hiked to West Hill Park and stopped for a snack and play break at the playground and pavilion. While the Scouts were playing, the ranger informed us that there would be a butterfly tour starting soon in a field along the path we came in on. We let the Scouts play a little while longer and then headed over. The ranger walked us through the field and asked the Scouts all about butterflies and what they knew about them already. The Scouts knew a lot about butterflies! Following the tour, we hiked back over to the dam and headed home.

August 13th Pack Hike Purgatory Chasm

On Saturday August 13th, we had a Pack hike at Purgatory Chasm. It was a small crowd, but the Scouts had fun going on a scavenger-like hunt through the trails, counting trail markers and looking for clues of where to go next. We took a short break at the waterfall in Little Purgatory, but unfortunately due to the drought, there was no water in site. We continued back along the path to the entrance. Back at the entrance to the Chasm, the Rangers were giving a demonstration about Earth rocks. The Scouts got the see and learn about the rocks that make up our planet. Following that we took another hike, this time through the Chasm and continuing up the Chasm trail.

August 2nd Police Night Out

On Tuesday August 2nd, the Pack participated in Grafton Police Department’s Police Night Out. We set up a table for visitors to check out what Scouting is all about and give them the opportunity to ask questions and get more information. The Scouts had a great time checking out all the police and EMS vehicles while learning about safety. One exciting moment of the evening was witnessing the helicopter hover over the police station- what a site to see!

July 23rd Grafton Fun in the Sun

On Saturday July 23rd, the Pack participated in the Grafton Fun in the Sun day. We set up a table for visitors to check out what Scouting is all about and give them the opportunity to ask questions and get more information. The Scouts had a great time on the inflatable water slide, competing in pie eating contests and potato sack races, getting full on sno-cones, and so much more! It was great to be able to represent the Pack in a fun event for everyone!

July 17th Pack Hike Upton State Forest

On Sunday July 17th, we had a Pack hike at Upton State Forest. Although there we only 6 of us in attendance, we made it a fun hike.

June 25th – 26th Rank Advancement Campout

On Saturday June 25th, the Pack held its annual Rank Advancement Campout. We began with the flag ceremony, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, Scout Oath, and Scout Law. Following that, we sat and ate some dinner as a Pack and then lit the campfire. Troop 106 was kind enough to join us and perform a flag retiring ceremony. Following the ceremony, we began giving the Scouts their new rank patches as they crossed over the Advancement Bridge. The boys were very excited to advance forward along their Scouting paths. We ended the night around the campfire with s’mores!

June 12th Pack Hike Blue Hills Reservation

On Sunday June 12th, we had a Pack hike at the Blue Hills Reservation. For this hike, we rented a bus for transportation to and from the Reservation. Once there, we hiked up to the observation tower where you can see a beautiful view of Boston from the top. While at the stone tower, we stopped for a lunch break and to check out the sites from the top of the tower. After that, we hiked over to the weather observatory and took a group picture. After we hiked back down, we walked around the animal exhibits while waiting for the bus to pick us up.

May 30th Memorial Day Parade

On Monday May 30th, the Pack participated in Grafton’s Memorial Day Parade. It was raining heavily, and many surrounding towns had cancelled their parades due to weather. But a little rain didn’t stop us from participating and honoring the brave men and women who have served our country. We met at the park on North Street and marched through Grafton Common and down to Grafton High School where the ceremony was held. Despite the rain, it was an honor to be able to pay our respects to those who have given so much for our freedoms.

May 22nd Pack Hike @ Quabbin Reservoir

On Sunday May 22nd, we went on a Pack hike at Quabbin Reservoir. We started at gate 40 and hiked 2 miles along the paved trail to the old Dana Town Common. There we looked at the plaques of houses and buildings that used to be there. We took a break under a large tree at the Common before we continued on our way. We made an attempt to look for a plane crash that is rumored to exist within the reservoir. Unfortunately, we did not have any research about the crash prepared and had no idea where it would be. After walking for a while longer, we decided to turn back and maybe go looking for it another day.

As a follow up to the Pack hike, our Committee Secretary/Outdoor Activities Chair did some research related to the crash to find its location and possible ways to get there. Then she and her son went on a long hike (including getting a little lost on the way) to find the crash site. It was quite the site to see! It was about 4 miles from gate 40 to the site and another 4 miles back. It was a long hike, but it was definitely worth it!

May 14th Chuckwagon

On Saturday, May 14th the Pack participated in the Chuckwagon at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation. During the Chuckwagon, the boys pull the Pack wagon around Treasure Valley along the marked trails to a set of event tables located at the different campsites. For each event they participate in, they earn beads to add to their Chuckwagon slides for their neckerchiefs. Some of the events included gun safety and shooting, fire making, sling shots, digging for “treasures”, team-work exercises, bottle rockets, and so much more! Unfortunately, on our way to lunch, our wagon broke from all it’s years of hard work and had to be “ambulanced” back to Cub Master’s truck. At the end of the day, we sat by the Council Ring and watched entertaining skits from other Packs.

April 29th – May 1st Campout Weekend & Beaver Day

During our Campout Weekend at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation, the Pack participated in Beaver Day. Beaver Day is a day in which Scout Packs and Troops come to Treasure Valley to help with community service. For our service project, the Pack helped to clean up the main house as you enter into Treasure Valley. We raked leaves, picked up sticks and stones, weeded the garden, and more to clean it up for the summer. Once our community service was done, we went back to Chippewa campsite and had some fun time. We played games, had a campfire, and made foil-pack dinners! Everyone had a great time!

April 2016 Car Wash fundraiser

We had a cold start to our first Car Wash Fund Raiser but the scouts and parents mustered thru.  It proved to be a steady day for car washing and even straight up donations.  The Grafton community was very generous today.  Several times people driving by handed the boys donations in lieu of getting their car washed.  Excitement was had when there was a car accident at the entrance to Savers parking lot, just next to where our boys were cleaning some cars.  Luckily, no one was hurt and only a few cars were hit but it does prove the importance for safety and awareness of ones surroundings.  On a positive side of this incident, one of Grafton’s finest allowed our boys to wash his cruiser.  Making many scouts (and even some parents) happy in the process.
A thank you to all the parents who stayed and helped wash cars, attract customers and keep the boys safe.  Without you our pack would not survive.

Tigers of Pack 107 Stock the shelves at the Grafton Food Bank

Pack 107 Tiger Dens 6 and 7 held a food drive in their neighborhoods to support the Grafton Food Bank.  The Scouts brought their collections to the Grafton Food Bank on Saturday, April 2nd, where they met with Maureen Clark, President of the Food Bank.  Mrs. Clark explained to the Dens how the Food Bank operates, the need the Food Bank serves and the importance of this community service.  Scouts then sorted their collections and stocked the shelves with the hundreds of pounds of food and other supplies collected. The Food Bank was very grateful for the donations made.  The food drive both completed Den 6 and 7’s Team Tiger Adventure and provided the Scouts with a better understanding of the importance of community service.

12919800_527391204112297_8369413638011211417_n IMG_1481

Pack 107 Blue and Gold

The Scouting movement has turned another year older and with it Pack 107 has celebrated another
Blue and Gold. The Blue and Gold celebration is a time to celebrate the birthday of scout and deepen the bonds within our ranks. The Banquet was set up the night before with help from Gary Denaris, Matt Often, Erika Peck, Trisha and Tyler Moulton, Amy and Erik Coldwell, Val Schelling, Shawn Smith and Shawn Tidd. A special thank you to Rob Lane for once again letting us use his truck to transport the bridge to the banquet.

Our Pot Luck banquet yielded a table overflowing with food that no one could have gone hungry. The Committee Team wish to give a heartfelt thank you to Trisha Moulton, Amy Coldwell and Val Schelling for making sure all the delicious food was laid out and served in an esthetically pleasing appearance with a functionally sound flow. This year we had and astounding number of participants. With 20 scouts earning their Bobcat badges and our Arrows of Light crossing over to Boy Scout Troops 107 and 106, it truly was a celebration.

The boys and their families learned about the benefits of Scout Camp. Tom Schelling gave a touching farewell address as he prepared to follow his son to the Boy Scouts and pass on the responsibilities of Committee Chair. Entertainment was provided by each of the dens performing skits making us all laugh with merriment.

Just before closing, we said farewell to the Arrows of Light as they continue along their journey toward Boy Scouts. There they will take the reigns and forge their own path designing, creating and building their own trajectory for becoming the men and citizens the scouting movement is known for.

Thank you all who stayed to help clean up.

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Pack 107 Pinewood Derby race

The Pinewood Derby is an annual tradition that scouts and parents alike look forward to every year. This year we were fortunate enough to have the use of the Congregational Church for our build day. Thank you to Rev. Jane for letting us potentially make a big mess with using power tools inside the hall. Concerns from potential problems were remedied this year by revamping how the build would go. This year, we decided to section off time for scouts and families to come and use the machinery alleviating wait time and keeping the flow of cutting/sanding smooth. We also had a place for scouts and family members to design their cars if they hadn’t done so yet. The Pack would like to thank Wolf Leader, Gary Denaris, for acquiring not one, but two, band saws for the pack to use, aiding in the speedy turnover of work. With Cub Master, Erik Coldwell’s, belt sander and Dremel tool, many scouts were able to get the refinement and shaping done that otherwise would not have been possible.
The Derby itself would not have been possible if not for the graciousness of St James Church allowing us to utilize their gymnasium, and Pack 106 for the use of their track for the day of the Derby. Tiger Leader Rob Lane brought his truck to St Mary’s Church making it easier to transport the track to St James. A thank you to Pack 106’s Cub Master, Lewis Alderton, for assisting in keeping the races moving along smoothly and recording run times. Attendants were fed from the snacks organized by Pack leaders Erika Krenis-Peck and Trisha Moulton. But we can not forget the continuing generosity and donation from Grafton’s Pepperoni Express.
As with every year, the creativity and ingenuity of the scouts shown thru in their cars. Cars came in with designs as varied as skateboards to police cars that actually light up to pirate ships and pokemon. All races proved exciting and times close, but in the end there could be only one car known as the fastest. The top three scout cars were won by Srivar, in third place, Phoenix, second, and Akhil taking the Gold. Congratulations to all those who participated.

Overnight Adventure to Mystic Aquarium

Our scouting year got off to a roaring start. In November, we had our first overnight for the year and went to the Mystic Aquarium. With a massive showing of over 70, we were nearly half the number of participants. We arrived by 7:00 pm on Friday night. Opening ceremonies reiterated the rules and expectations the staff had for all of us. Following that, some of us went on a nightly tour of the aquarium to see the animals behavior at night. Many laughs were had as the youngest Beluga Whale played with the boys by making funny faces. Then we learned about nature’s perfect predator, the shark. The scavenger hunt gave the boys a chance to explore the aquarium putting a focus to the discovery. Discovery became hands on at the Touch and Learn, where we could pick up and pet various sea creatures. The learning continued with a squid dissection. Many were intrigued and disgusted at the same time especially when playing with the ink sack. To end the night, we slept in the low light of the fish tanks and to the sound of water gurgling.
In the morning, breakfast was pastries with scrambled eggs and bacon. When we had our fill, final ceremonies concluded our overnight and we were asked to wait in the gift shop before returning to the aquarium for a free day exploring on our own. Time was spent between feeding the manta-rays, and watching the penguins, sea lions or sharks. In all, it was a great way to begin our year.

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Big MOE 2015 (Massachusetts Outdoor Expo)

On Sunday September 20th, our Pack attended The Big MOE at the Hamilton Rod and Gun Club in Sturbridge. Many of our new Scouts and older Scouts joined us for this great event. It was a beautiful day to try fishing, shooting, archery, sample wild game, and more. All the scouts and families enjoyed learning or practicing outdoor skills.  It was a fun day!

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Beach Day at East Matunuck State Beach, RI

We started with a gray, overcast day but the sun finally decided to come out. Good thing is there were no crowds and the kids had a blast. The waves were great for boogie boarding and the boys enjoyed searching for sea creatures.

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Mount Wachusett State Reservation Hike

On Sunday July 12th, the Pack hiked around the summit of  Mt. Wachusett and down Old Indian Path to the glacier-formed balance rock. It was a beautiful day on top off of the mountain with clear views as far as the eye could see.

IMG_20150712_141550_497[1] IMG_20150712_141558_256[1] IMG_20150712_141708_153[1] IMG_20150712_154614_910[1] IMG_20150712_141608_546[1]

IMG_20150712_141620_147[1] IMG_20150712_145839_624[1] IMG_20150712_154453_473[1]

Pack Meeting/ Rank Advancement Meeting and Overnight

On Saturday June 6th and 7th, we came together to celebrate our Pack’s rank advancement with great food, family and friends at the Brigham Hill Community Barn. Wingmasters was our special guest and gave a captivating presentation on Raptors. During our meeting we retired a flag, conducted a fire ceremony, and performed skits and songs. After all the festivities were completed, the Pack pitched tents and spent the night at the barn.

All the boys did a great job and worked really hard to get to the next level. Special congratulations to our Arrow of Light Scouts David G., Rohith D., Sai G., and George S. for advancing to Troop 107. Good Luck on your new adventures! We also had a special ceremony for our Cubmaster for finishing his Woodbadge course requirements.

IMG_7931 IMG_7942 IMG_7800 IMG_7904

IMG_7930 IMG_7964 IMG_8001 IMG_8122

David joins the Mohegan Councils Top 25 Sellers

 In April Mohegan Council gathered all the top popcorn sellers for dinner, awards and pictures to commemorate the event. Congratulations to our Arrow of Light Scout David for making it to the top 25 seller list!

Top-25-Banner-prototype David-Guerad-Top-25

Pack 107 Celebrates Scouting at their Blue and Gold Banquet

On February 28th we celebrated our Blue and Gold Banquet. The banquet was held at the Brigham Hill Community Barn. It was a fun event with great food, special attendees, and our guests of honor — all our Scouts. Congratulations to George, Rohith, David and Sai for earning their Webelos badge, and also to Alex and his family for crossing over to Troop 107. We also had a very special presentation for two of our leaders – Tom and Corey – as they have completed their Woodbadge tickets and received their beads. During the banquet, the Scouts watched a presentation about the founder of the Scouting movement – Lord Baden Powell – and performed songs and skits.

Thank you to all our special guests for attending and helping us make this a memorable event!

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Arrow of Light scouts go ice fishing with Troop 106 February 2015

Snow (historical), ice… what would Scouts do for outdoor fun?  Ice fishing, of course!

Pack 107’s Arrow of light was invited to a ice fishing trip by Chris P. and Troop 106. It was a beautiful sunny day at the Cheshire Reservoir in Cheshire, MA. They didn’t catch anything, but had fun with what was available. Snow, snow and more snow.

IMG_2224  IMG_2253  IMG_2236

Pinewood Derby 2015

Pack 107 closed out January with the Packs favorite event of the scouting year. This years pinewood derby was a great day for the families and most of all the boys. There was awards for fastest looking, most scout spirit, most patriotic, to name a few plus 1st through 4th. We also had a parents and siblings race which was just as exciting to watch as the boys race. Our top ten racers get the chance to compete in the district run-offs and cabin fever madness in April. We thank Pack 106 of Grafton for allowing us to use their tracking and make our race a absolute success.       

CSC_0711 CSC_0716 DSC_0720 DSC_0666 DSC_0671

Pack 107 Makes Donation to the People of the Worcester Fellowship

Our pack has donated 400 pairs of socks from our sock ball toss to St. Andrew’s Episcopal church for the People of Worcester Fellowship. Every month members of the church travel to the Worcester Common to provide fellowship, socks & gloves to people in need. Our donation is greatly appreciated.

Webelos visit Broad Meadow Brook 

On Saturday October 18th our Webelos dens visited Broad Meadow Brook in Worcester to work on their naturalist activity. At Broad Meadow they learned about the founders of the Audubon Society and how much land is preserved today. We also discussed endangered species, protected species and plants, and habitat. After the discussion we ventured outside to walk the paths throughout Broad Meadow to see look for some insects, crayfish, salamanders and a variety of plants. It was a great day and the boys learned a lot.

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The Big MOE 2014

On Sunday Pack 107 attended the Big MOE at the Hamilton Rod and Gun Club in Sturbridge, MA. It was a beautiful day to be out in Sturbridge. The boys enjoyed making birdhouses, archery, fishing, shooting and tomahawk throwing. The also could sample wild game, see wildlife exhibits and just have fun learning about the great outdoors.


Grafton Police Night Out 2014

Tuesday August 5th was Grafton’s Police Night Out, we joined Troop 107 at the event. Along with Troop 107 we setup a display and talked to parents interested in learning more about our Pack and Scouting

Webelos Resident Camp (WRC) 2014

On the last week of June the Webelos attended a four day, 3 night camp at Treasure Valley Scout Reservation (TVSR). The theme of camp this year was “Superheroes Save the Valley”. We were the Purple Patrol and named ourselves the Purple Titans. The first night brought us a little rain but we weathered through it and started our journey toward completing the required program and achievements. They enjoyed swimming, games, archery, BB shooting, crafts, fishing, and a little learning too. They experienced opening ceremonies each morning and closing fire ceremonies each evening. Built camaraderie amongst other scouts during breakfast, lunch and dinner through songs, skits, and cheering. The boys performed their favorite skit “The Bear Skit” for the entire camp with great enthusiasm and Sean’s awesome improv. All in all it was a wonderful experience for the boys and we can’t wait for the next camping adventure.

10505624_10202989807723657_2711151830189906220_n  10325545_10202995616308868_3180560504876196435_n

Battleship Cove Overnight

On May 17th the boys of Pack 107 embarked on an adventure to Battleship Cove. Where the got to spend the night on the U.S.S. Massachusetts BB59. We explored the vessels engine room all the way up to the Junior Officers ward. They also explored the U.S.S. John P. Kennedy Jr.DD850,  U.S.S Lionfish SS298 submarine, the Hiddensee Russian Destroyer and two PT Boats the PT 796 and PT 617. They also watched a short film about the U.S.S Massachusetts and a Q&A with a former crew member.

IMG_20140517_193506_046  IMG_20140517_153845_576  IMG_20140517_161744_778  IMG_20140517_181958_737

Blue and Gold 2014Photo of Blue and Gold Ceremony

Pack 107’s Blue and Gold Banquet was a great event, from the den skits to the awards and all in between. We had a lot of things to celebrate this year and many things to look forward to, from the upcoming trip to Battleship cove and the start of summer camp but we can’t forget all the great food. Thank you to our friends, family and distinguished guest for attending and helped make this event possible for the boys. Many Congratulations go out to Carter and Tyler for joining the ranks of Boy Scout with Troop 107. Good Luck on your new adventures and hope you have lots of fun.we would also like to congratulate the Stem Supernova group for completing the program and earning their medals.

Pinewood Derby 2014

photo of the Pinewood Derby DayPack 107 Pinewood Derby was a blast with Special thanks to Pack 106 for letting us use their derby track.We would also like to give a special thank you to Chris Paquin for taking time out of his day to help us setup the track and input the boys names into the software. All the boys enjoyed watching their creative cars zip down the track, playing games and have a few snacks.

STEM and Supernova

For the past 5 months a few of our boys have been diligently working towards completing the requirements to get their Stem and Supernova awards. The STEM and Supernova are newly created programs.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics.  There are individual awards for each of these disciplines.  Supernova combines the four, and is the highest technical award a Cub Scout can achieve.  The candidate must earn 6 different scholarship pins.  He must perform experiments, and explain results.  He must learn about a variety of scientists and their work.  This is a 1 year program.  The 2014 candidates meet for two hours each Saturday.  We are very proud of their efforts!